Corn flour dough recipe with photo step by step

How to replace flour and how to add other types of flour instead of wheat read in this article.

For cooking, it is better to use filtered or bottled water that is neutral in taste. If you use tap water, be aware that it can give the dish an unpleasant characteristic aftertaste.

Important! When using dry yeast, you need to take into account that they are found in two forms: active and instant (before using, carefully read the instructions!).
Active dry yeast looks like beads or small balls. They must be woken up from hibernation before they can be used. To do this, active yeast is diluted in warm sweet water, milk or whey. The formed bubbles, foam or “cap” indicate that the yeast is ready for further use. Active dry yeast must be brought into the liquid until completely dissolved, otherwise, due to the remaining grains, the dough may not rise and the baking will be spoiled (grains of yeast that have not dissolved in the liquid and got into the dough will no longer disperse on their own, which means they will not work) .
Instant dry yeast is easier to use. They do not need to be activated before use. Such yeast, along with other ingredients, is simply added to the dough. As a result, the baking time is reduced.
It should also be remembered that both types of dry yeast may differ in their activity from different manufacturers.

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