Coronation of King Charles: here is the 23 kg chocolate bust

For the British the coronation of a king or queen it’s time to unleash the creativity and exceed in extravagance. This is the case of the sweet company Mars Wrigley that on the occasion of the coronation of Re Carlo III of England has seen fit to make a chocolate bust representing the monarch’s effigy in natural size. The real work of art entirely in chocolate was created by a team of master chocolatiers.

The chocolate bust for the coronation of Charles of England

Ben 17 liters of chocolate for a result from 23kg of weight: the chocolate bust designed for the coronation of King Charles certainly does not want to disfigure in the eccentric celebrations. An entire team led by the master chocolatier Jennifer-Lindsay-Clarke he worked 130 ore four weeks long to shape the bust representing the new monarch in natural size.

With enough chocolate for almost 3000 chocolates, the bust also represents in detail the uniform complete with medals that Carlo is expected to wear during the ceremony. The facial expression has been carefully studied to faithfully recreate the face of the king. A face that will soon also come up stamps and coins English to replace that of Elizabeth II.

The bust exposed to the public

The ornamental shoulder pads that decorate the king’s uniform were modeled from Twix, Milky Way, Galaxy and Bounty chocolates, while the king’s collar was made with other sweets typical of the Mars, the Maltesers Teasers. To create the medals on the king’s chest, Celebrations branded chocolates were used, as well as other brands also known in Italy such as Snickers.

“We are particularly proud of the work of our team of master chocolatiers – he said Emily Owen, manager at Mars Wrigley as reported by CNN – what better way to celebrate this quintessentially British moment than by immortalizing His Majesty King Charles with the dessert par excellence of our country?”. The chocolate bust of King Charles will be exposed to the public at the Mars Wrigley UK headquarters in the town of Slough. If then it will also come ate during the coronation celebrations, it is not known.

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