Cream mousse of chocolate and water

Real dark chocolate contains no milk, no cream, no butter and is suitable for Lent.

I have dark chocolate with 70% cocoa butter.

For this cream, the ratio of chocolate and water is important.

For 1 g of chocolate you need 0.89 g of water.

My chocolate bar does not weigh 100 g, but 82 grams, respectively, I measured 73 grams of water.

The higher the percentage of cocoa in chocolate, the better the cream.

You will also need a saucepan and a bowl that fits in this saucepan, very cold water and ice.

Break the chocolate into pieces and add water.

Put on a small fire or in the microwave and melt.

I used the microwave and I have a glass bowl.

Get hot chocolate water.

Pour very cold water into a saucepan and add ice.

Put a hot bowl with melted hot chocolate and water in it.

Now quickly beat the mass with a blender with a whisk attachment.

At first, nothing will happen, you will be churning chocolate water.

But after 3-4 minutes, the mass will begin to thicken, gradually turning into a cream.

The longer you beat, the thicker the cream will be.

I do not advise whipping for a long time, it is better if the cream is tender and airy.

They can fill a pastry syringe and decorate any pastry.

What happens: melted hot cocoa butter will crystallize from a sharp temperature difference.

From whipping, the mass is saturated with air, becomes lush and tender.

Chocolate cream mousse keeps its shape perfectly, does not spread and does not fall off.

PS If the cream does not whip for a long time (the water may have warmed up) or it turns out to be very thick, then you can always repeat everything from the beginning.

Reheat the chocolate with water and beat it by placing the bowl over ice water.

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