Crispy spring cabbage salad with cucumber and radish

Step by step cooking recipe

For this salad, you need to use young cabbage, sweet, crispy and juicy.

Remove the top, sluggish leaves from the cabbage, then cut the cabbage into strips, not very thin.

Cucumber cut into halves or large strips, if the peel of the cucumber is hard, it is better to peel it.

Also cut into strips a young radish.

Cut green onion and dill.

Mix all the ingredients, salt, pepper to taste, add dried basil and oregano (optional), season with vegetable oil (I seasoned with olive oil – 3 tablespoons and odorless sunflower – 2 tablespoons, a salad with two types of oil turns out tastier).

Mix the salad and you can immediately serve it, and if you let the salad stand for a while so that it is saturated with oil and spices, the salad will be even tastier.

Young cabbage salad with cucumber and radish is ready! Bon appetit!

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