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The 18th edition of Identità Milano 2023 is underway, the Italian signature cuisine congress with many prestigious guests.

The well-known signature cuisine Congress entitled Identità Milano 2023, organized by Identità Golose, restarts after a long break due to the pandemic. The 18th edition will be divided into three days full of culinary events, from 28 to 30 January. Everything will take place once again at the Mi.Co in Milan, presenting a completely revolutionary reality. This year’s theme, in fact, will be “Ladies and gentlemen, the revolution is served”. What will not change will be the roundup of guests and great chefs who will animate the various appointments, from Italian masters to international figures, passing through important starred chefs.

Identity Milan 2023
Identity Milan 2023

The 18th edition of Identità Milano 2023

The Identità Golose project was born in 2005, from the idea of Paul Marchi, as an opportunity to allow local culinary talents to exchange ideas with each other and with other international exponents. This year, the event will reach its 18th edition, which will be held at Mi.Co Milano Congressi, in via Gattamelata. Everything will take place over three days, from Saturday 28 to Monday 30 January. There is a lot of waiting, considering the long forced break of the last two years, caused by the course of the pandemic.

The central theme will beLadies and gentlemen, the revolution is served“, because the desire for revolution in our society remains constant, after the various upheavals it has had. However, there will also be much more in this edition, as Paolo Marchi himself explains on the event’s official website: “Topics such as economic and environmental sustainability and attention to employee working conditions have been central for several years in every sector of society. And then, continuing: “Since its inception, the Congress of Identità Golose has existed above all for this reason. Today, more than ever, it reaffirms its mission to narrate change and innovation, with an edition that will see not only the great international protagonists but also many young people take turns on the stage, all united by a great desire for redemption” .

Over the years, starting from Palazzo Mezzanotte, the event has seen a succession of 17 editions. About 800 professionals, including chefs, pizza chefs and pastry chefs, took to the stage, as well as exceptional guests, all from more than 20 countries. This year will be characterized by the presence of starred chefs and leading figures, coming not only from the food and wine world but also from fields such as economics and television.

The Identity Milan 2023 programme

The edition will open on January 28 and the introduction will be edited by David Rampellofollowed by the talk of the “Identità Talk” format with the American Harold McGee. The co-founder of “Planet Farms”, Luca Travaglini will tell a new way of conceiving vegetable crops. Among the international guests, we will have David Yellow e Brian McGinn of “Chef’s Table” e Richard Abou Zaki. Among the noteworthy interventions, there are those coming from far away, from Africa with Fatmata Binta and from South America with Alex Atala. To conclude, there will be the lessons of “Identità di Gelato” and “Identità di Pizza”.

The second day, January 29, will start with the lesson of Charles Cracco e Luke Sacchi; the two are authors of the symbolic dish of Identità Milano 2023, called “Avocado, kiwi, coriander“. Immediately followed by two international guests: the Spanish Wounded Angelthe “chef of the sea”, and the Canadian Jessica Rosval; both will dialogue with Errico Recanati on the theme “The revolution of fire”. We will then move on to Italian Massimo Bottura to the international faces of Antonia Klugmann e Leonor Spinosa. The discussion on “Our starry revolution” will be animated by Andrew Aprea, Richard Monco, Alessandro Della Tommasina, Alessandro Tomberli, Frederick Ceretto e Norbert Niederkofler. The last intervention, however, will be up to David Comaschiworld champion of pastry and chocolate.

The last day, however, will open with Moreno Cedroni e Luca Abbadir, followed by the Spanish Paco Morales. In the middle of the day, for “Identità Talk”, there will be a speech by Conrad Absence and the known Fabio Fazio. Also on this day there will be champions of the food and wine world: Niko Romitothe pastry chef Andrew Tortora e Albert Adrià. Among the other interventions, also “Identità di Formaggio”, in collaboration with the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, and “Identità Cocktail”, with Bibite San Pellegrino and Perrier and nine masterclasses in the sector, including James Giannotti.

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