Cutlets PP minced chicken in the oven recipe with photos step by step and video

I believe that this is a PP dish, since, firstly, it contains few calories, since there are no fatty additives in the cutlets in the form of lard, cream, butter. Secondly, instead of bread, which is used in ordinary meatballs, oatmeal is used in minced meat. Thirdly, cutlets are not fried, but baked in the oven, and without oil at all. All this makes cutlets dietary, with a high protein content, which is fully consistent with the principles of proper nutrition.

Important! To make oatmeal dishes always tasty, as well as all the secrets of choosing and cooking, read the article about oatmeal and oatmeal.

Keep in mind that every oven is different. The temperature and cooking time may differ from those indicated in the recipe. To make any baked dish successful, use the useful information about the features of the ovens!

It is important to be aware that there are no recipes or products in nature that are unconditionally useful to all people or unconditionally harmful to all. As with medicines, so in nutrition, there are indications and contraindications, daily individual intakes and for most people it is all very personalized. At the same time, there are a lot of myths “about proper nutrition” (for example: fat is bad), which distort the very essence of this concept and in such a distorted form are distributed on the Internet and in the media. Therefore, remember that any “PP recipe” will be related to proper nutrition only conditionally, you should not take it as a dogma. And even if a recipe writer, a “health food specialist,” or a nutritionist and fitness trainer calls something good (HP) or bad, it may not be so for you personally.
The opinion of the site administration about proper nutrition may not coincide with the opinion of the author of the PP recipe!

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