Delicious Banana French Toast

Your mornings won’t be the same after trying these Banana French Toast! An exquisite and super easy recipe to make.

Banana is often added as a topping on traditional French toast, but in this recipe it is part of the base, resulting in delicious and nutritious toast with crispy edges and a fluffy center.

I like to use the ripe plantains that I have at home to make tasty recipes for breakfast or snacks. The banana brings natural sweetness to the preparations and, the more past, the richer!

That’s why it occurred to me to add it as an ingredient in French toast, not just sliced, but inside the base!

Blend the banana with the rest of the ingredients and you get epic banana-flavored French toast in every bite. Spectacular!

Banana French Toast Ingredients

Bananas and bread are the stars of this recipe. Add a few more simple ingredients and you have some epic toast for breakfast or snack.

Here’s what you need to make some delicious Banana French Toast:

  • ripe bananas: the older they are, the sweeter and tastier they are. You will also need a not-so-ripe banana to cut into pieces and accompany the toast.
  • eggs: essential for toasts to be fluffy.
  • vanilla extract: complements the banana and cinnamon.
  • lower leg: No Cinnamon No French Toast!
  • leche: common vegetable.
  • coarse bread: better absorbs the banana and egg mixture without being too soft.
  • vegetable oil or butter: to grease the griddle or frying pan where you will make the toast.
  • maple syrup or honey: to drizzle the French toast with banana.

If you eat French toast in your house, you should check out my French toast recipes. French toast without milk y eggless french toast. If you run out of one of these ingredients, you can still have a delicious breakfast!

How to make Banana French Toast

To make the dough for this recipe, you will need to use the blender, but only for a few seconds. The rest is just soaking and browning. All ready? Follow this step-by-step to see how easy it is to make Banana French Toast:

  1. blend
    Put the bananas, eggs, vanilla extract, and milk in the blender. Blend until smooth and integrated. Transfer the mixture to an oven tray.
  2. soak the bread
    Place the bread on top of the mixture and allow the slices to absorb for 2 minutes on both sides. Meanwhile, heat a nonstick skillet or a griddle on medium heat.
  3. Cook until golden
    Once the griddle is hot, spray it with cooking spray or grease it with butter. Place 3-4 slices of bread on the griddle or skillet and cook for 2-3 minutes until the bottom is golden brown. Flip them over and cook for 2 more minutes until they are fluffy in the center and the liquid has been absorbed.
  4. Serve
    Stack the French toast on a plate, add banana slices, and drizzle with maple syrup or honey.

Tips for perfect French toast

Before you start cooking, check out these tricks to make French toast perfect every time you make it:

Use thick bread
Bread such as brioche, challah, or baguettes are thick and therefore absorb the egg mixture better without becoming too mushy. you can also do French toast with sliced ​​bread that they will only need 30 seconds on each side to absorb the mixture.

Don’t let the bread soak for too long
Let the bread soak up the egg mixture, but it doesn’t have to be completely soggy.

Grease the griddle or skillet
Even if you make the toast on a nonstick griddle or skillet, use cooking spray or butter to give the toast a golden brown edge instead of black and burnt.

The Best Toppings for French Toast

Have you got your stack of banana French toast ready yet? Add the best toppings and enjoy!

With this easy recipe, enjoy delicious banana French toast for breakfast or a snack.

Prep 10 mins

Cooking 10 mins

Total Time 20 mins

Note: Nutrition information is for two bananas French toast per person and an additional ¼ banana, sliced. Does not include maple syrup.


Serving: 2toastsCalories: 290kcalCarbohydrates: 45gProtein: 13.7gFat: 6.4gSaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 186.3mgSodium: 346.3mgFiber: 7.7gSugar: 13.8g

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