Difference between synthetic food and plant based food

Sometimes in the definition of synthetic food food is also included plant based, i.e. plant-based substitutes. This partially stems from the fact that we are dealing with new technologies and the choice of nomi still not entirely defined and shared, ending up with create confusion especially from the English language translations. Actually there is one profound difference between synthetic food and plant-based food: the former originates from cell multiplication in vitro, the latter is intent on replacing foods of animal origin with foods of plant origin imitating its flavour.

How synthetic food is produced

Unlike plant based food, synthetic food is produced in the laboratory generally through the cell multiplication controlled. In foods such as synthetic meat, tissue cells come taken from animals and multiplied into a substrate of chemicals. It is a bioengineering technique particularly appreciated in the medical field. The cells obtained from in vitro multiplication are then “printed” through a 3D food printer to obtain a product intended for consumption. The result is identical from the point of view chemist e nutritional to the “original” meat. In a similar way other synthetic foods are produced such as milk or cheese where proteins are obtained thanks to genetically modified bacteria.

How plant based food is produced

Plant based food is produced using ingredients such as cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and others foods of plant origin. Unlike synthetic food, plant based food It does not contain products of animal origin. These are foods designed as a vegetable alternative to products of animal origin to get as close as possible to the taste and to consistency of the original. The production methods of plant-based alternatives vary considerably depending on the result to be obtained. Today there are already several plant-based foods on the market that can imitate the flavor and texture of, for example meat and fish.

Fake meat and the difference between synthetic and plant based food

Sometimes the etiquette “synthetic food” it is applied to plant-based products that have been modified to create a texture or taste similar to those of meat or dairy products. These products may contain additional ingredients such as vegetable proteins, starches, oils, fibers and other additives to improve their texture and flavor. It is important to note that not all plant based products are created equal and some may contain artificial additives or ingredients genetically modified; nonetheless they would not be considered synthetic foods in the strict sense of the term.

The meat it was the first food to affect both technologies. In English, both lab-grown meat and plant-based meat are sometimes defined “fake meat”, or fake meat. This could be at the origin of the confusion why some plant-based foods still end up being identified as “synthetic”.

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