Disco lights at sea to fish for scallops: the new sustainable technique

Even the fish sector is going through a moment of great change that is leading him towards greener and more sustainable working methods. The projects they study ecological fishing techniques are increasingly supported and it is discovering a greater sensitivity to marine habitats. What do they have to do with this the scallops and the disco lights? The question is certainly legitimate.

Scallop fishing and disco lights, what it’s all about

In the UK last year a research team discovered a new technique for catching scallops, highly appreciated gourmet seafood. This involves the use of containers to be placed on the seabed pot light, a sort of underwater box equipped with small LED reflectors.

With the lights on, the fishing begins and is very profitable. This happens because the scallops are naturally attracted to LED light and they spontaneously head into the box. “It’s like an oyster nightclub: turn on the trap and they go inside”, said Dr. Rob Enever, head of the research group al Guardian. “It’s amazing that no one has discovered this before. It’s a really exciting thing”.

This technique, highly ecological and not at all impacting on the marine habitatis a candidate to replace the more widespread one trawling or dredgingalso devastating to ecosystems and commonly practiced in the UK, where scallop fishing is one of the most commercially profitable sectors in the country.

The first experiments on illuminated fishing

The results obtained by Dr. Rob Enever and group Marine fish on the lighted peach are the result of a long work, initially intended to exploit the static technique for catching crabs and lobsters. Instead, the study ended up offering a more sustainable solution to scallop fishing and could create one completely new inshore fishing.

Other research has focused on the potential of LED light in fishing, showing that the introduction of light sources increases the capture rates of many aquatic species diverse. In Sweden, studies have focused on catching cod using a particular type of green LED light. There have been searches for the snow crab. But the results obtained with scallops are surprising.

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