Dish for a family dinner – a step by step recipe with a photo

Step by step cooking recipe

. I prepare the dough: I drive an egg into the sifted flour, add a pinch of salt, vegetable oil, water, knead soft dough, put it in a bag for 30 minutes.

. I cut the beef into pieces, tomatoes, cabbage, onions and garlic.

. I fry the meat in vegetable oil until golden brown, add onions, garlic, tomatoes and cabbage, salt liberally, add paprika, pour 200 ml. water and stew for 40 minutes under a lid, over low heat..

. I shake the dough thinly, grease it with vegetable oil, sprinkle it with finely chopped parsley, cut it into 5-6 cm squares, and roll each square into a tube.

. I put the finished tubes on the stew, cover with a lid and stew for another 30 minutes.

. First I put the tubes on the dish, stew with vegetables on the tubes, sprinkle finely chopped parsley on top.

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