DIY gastronomic Christmas gifts to pamper your loved ones

I DIY Christmas gifts they are the sweetest thought to amaze and pamper the people you love: they are gifts prepared with your own hands, to which you have dedicated time, passion, imagination and creativity, and this makes them even more special, perfect for making those who receive them happy. If they are to eat, even more!

I homemade gastronomic gifts they are the right idea to put under the tree because they allow you to range between many products and thus satisfy everyone’s tastes. Come on biscotti for greedy friends ai finger food for diehards of the aperitif, you can choose simple or slightly more elaborate gifts depending on the time you have available to prepare and personalize them based on the preferences of the person for whom they are intended at the table.

Once you’re ready, you can pack your Christmas presents however you like: glass jars for jamstin boxes for biscuits, curiously shaped bottles for liquor, labels and creative Christmas themed decorations. You can also match your gifts a card with the recipe that you’ve used, so that the friend or family member who receives them can prepare them themselves after devouring yours.

In short, if you love to cook and your loved ones are gourmets, i Christmas gifts to eat they are the most appropriate thought for these Christmas holidays!

Here is a rundown of ideas to tempt friends and relatives.


Cookies are one of the most popular and easy to prepare gifts. Perfect for breakfast or to be savored with a cup of tea or herbal tea, you can make them with the classic one shortcrust pastry with butter or with the oil variant and have fun with the form not decorations you prefer: little trees, stars, Santa Clauses, snowflakes and snowmen, chocolate, jam, colored sprinkles and chopped dried fruit.

If you want to give shortbread biscuits that, with every bite, immerse those who eat them in a Christmas atmosphere, focus on the classics Christmas cookiescome i Gingerbreadi.e. the gingerbread men of the Anglo-Saxon tradition, or sui Cinnamon cookies with an intoxicating aroma perfect for the holidays.

The extra idea? Make some cookies to hang on the Christmas tree. All you need to do is make a small hole in the top with a straw or stick before baking them and, after taking your cookies out of the oven, string them in a colored ribbon and wrap them up. They will be very popular, both to see and to taste!


Even the jams, both sweet and savory, they are an ideal gift to eat for the Christmas holidays. Compared to biscuits they are a little more labor intensive because they have longer preparation and cooking times: you have to sterilize the jars, wash and cut the fruit or vegetables into pieces and cook the jams for at least half an hour. However, success is assured, so it’s worth investing a little extra energy to wrap a gift that the recipient is sure to like. To cushion the effort, you can abound with the quantities and prepare a few more jars of jam to keep in the pantry: you’ll have a delicious little gift for you too!

As with biscuits, the possibilities are endless: you can choose jams with seasonal fruitcome oranges, mandarinsmusic by pereor focus on the evergreen classics, such as the blueberry jamcombining fruit also with spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. An alternative are the savory jams with vegetables, perfect to spread on bread for an aperitif or to combine with meats and cheeses. Try the recipes of Buonissimo: the pepper jam and the tomato jam.

Get ready for hot cocoa and cookies

An ideal gift to eat for your loved ones who love to cook are the ready-made preparations, or gods jars with the ingredients already dosed to prepare various desserts, such as hot chocolate, brownies e cookies.
You simply weigh the dry ingredients, such as flour, cocoa, sugar and chocolate chips, which can be stored for a long time and out of the refrigerator, and pour them into an airtight jar. Whoever receives it will only have to add the wet ingredients, such as eggs, milk and butter, knead, mix and cook to prepare their dessert comfortably at home, enjoying the pleasure of cooking without having to waste time weighing everything you need.
Don’t forget to match your concoction a label with the procedure to follow to transform the ingredients into a delicious sweet.

Snack salati e finger food

Among the gastronomic gift ideas for Christmas, even snacks and finger food to munch on during greedy breaks, when hunger strikes or as an aperitif are certainly very welcome thoughts.

An idea is represented by cereal bars and dried fruit homemade. You can prepare them with any cereal you prefer, such as corn flakes, puffed rice or spelled or oatmealenriching them with nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashewsdehydrated fruit such as sultanas and apricots e semi of flax, sunflower, poppy or chia: a delicious charge of taste and energy to give!

Ours too orange, lemon and citron zest covered in chocolate they are excellent greedy hunger breakers, perfect as a Christmas gift.

If, on the other hand, you like the idea of ​​snacks, you can range between crackers, grissini e savory biscuitslike ours Philadelphia salted cookies oh Savory Pepper Biscuits.


Christmas is the time for lunches and dinners with friends: what better occasion to give a homemade liqueur to sip as after mealperhaps prepared with ingredients that help to digest? The classic limoncello o one Coffee Liquor, Mint flavoured o with licorice they are perfect ideas for yours Christmas gifts to drinknot just to eat!

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