Dried tomatoes at home for the winter

Dried tomatoes at home for the winter

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I propose to prepare for the winter a jar of sun-dried tomatoes – a savory snack originally from Italy. For drying at home, choose fleshy tomato varieties with a low juice content. “Cream” is perfect. It turns out very tasty, I recommend!

Step by step cooking recipe

Rinse the tomatoes, cut into quarters, remove the dense cores.

Place chopped tomatoes in a deep bowl, add salt, sugar and dried basil, pour in olive oil. Stir gently and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Put the tomato slices at a small distance from each other on a baking sheet covered with parchment and greased with vegetable oil and send to dry in the oven at a temperature of 60-70 ° C for 2-3 hours.

I advise you not to increase the heat of the oven so that the tomatoes languish, and not bake. The tomatoes are ready when the juice stops coming out when pressed with your fingers.

Transfer the finished sun-dried tomatoes to a sterile jar.

Combine olive oil with chopped garlic and bring to a boil.

Pour the tomatoes in a jar with boiling oil. Seal the jar immediately and send it to a cool, dark place.

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Ekaterina Parshina

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