Eat less meat to save the planet, maximum 2 hamburgers a week

Per save the planet we should eat less meat: is one of the actions needed to counter the climate crisis as they have emerged since 2022 report on the state of climate action prepared by the nonprofit research association World Resource Institute. The paper provides a comprehensive view on the gap between what we should be doing and what we are doing to keep global warming down within 1.5°C as from Paris Agreements. Needless to say, we are still a long way off.

Eat less meat, maximum 2 hamburgers a week

Among the actions we should take immediately to try to stay within the limits of the Paris Agreements is a necessary one change of diet. The western world, therefore Europe, the Americas and part of Oceania, must eat less meat, at most the equivalent of 2 burgers a week. The production of meat intended for human consumption alone is responsible for almost the 60% of all greenhouse gases products from the food sector.

A kilogram of beef protein produces almost 300kg of CO2 equivalent. According to FAO, in 2013 total emissions from the animal husbandry sector amounted to 7.1 billion of tons of CO2 per year: equal to approx il 15% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. To stay aligned with the Paris goals we should at least reduce meat consumption 5 times faster of what is happening.

Other goals to achieve

But eating less meat isn’t the only goal according to the report. For cope with the emergency of the climate crisis we should also:

We are still far behind

Of the 40 indicators analyzed in the report, nobody it turned out to be on track to achieve the stated goals of the Paris Accords. The 2030 is around the corner and humanity is still very far from tackling the climate crisis with the necessary timeliness. Of the 40 indicators, solo 6 are proceeding in the right direction but at insufficient speed, 21 are proceeding in the right direction but at a turtle’s pace, 5 they would even be getting worse while for i remaining 8 there is not enough information. In short, according to the report, an immediate change of pace to face the crisis it can no longer be postponed.

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