Everything that happened in the semifinal of Masterchef Italia 12

A fight to the death to earn the title of Italian Masterchef: what happened in the semifinal of Masterchef 12 and who are the finalists.

The hour of the final decision is approaching and the eleventh installment of MasterChef 12 could not be more tense! The six remaining contestants competed in the Mystery Box, where each one found an ingredient specifically chosen by the chefs, which represented themselves and with which they had to tell their stories. From the Mystery Box we moved on to the Invention and then moved on to the outdoor test which finally decreed the 4 finalists: Bubu, Mattia, Hue and Edoardo.

Masterchef judges
Masterchef judges

The Mystery Box of the semifinal of Masterchef Italia 12

Judges choose the avocado for Sara, an ingredient that the Aztecs considered almost an aphrodisiac. This fruit represents the competitor’s seductive ability to convince others.

Roberto receives as an ingredient chosen by the judges the kimchi. After tasting the dish prepared by the young chef, Cannavacciuolo comments: “If you learn to cook slowly, you will be able to create great dishes”. Giorgio Locatelli, on the other hand, expresses his appreciation by saying: “It’s really good, congratulations”.

The Chefs choose the rice dumplings for Bubu, an ingredient that in Korea symbolizes longevity. After tasting the dish prepared by the competitor, Chef Barbieri comments: “You are very young, but you are making decisions as an adult”.

The ingredient chosen for Mattia is the pigan ingredient that symbolizes prosperity, wealth and ambition in all cultures.

Hue, Roberto and Bubu are selected to taste their dishes. Among the three, it is Bubu who wins the test, preparing the best dish in the Mystery Box. In the subsequent Invention Test, the young chef has an advantage over the other competitors: has 5 more minutes to cook and find the right inspiration.

L’invention test con Jeong Kwan

During the Invention Test, a special guest, Jeong Kwan, winner of the Icon Award at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022, comes from afar to inspire the contestants and direct them towards the ancient temple cuisine. The vegan chef nun selects the ingredients with great respect for nature which produces them. During the Masterclass, the guest of honor explains that he wants the contestants to become the ingredient itself when it comes to food, thus putting the principles of mindful cooking into practice.

Mattia gets the first place in the Invention Test, while Roberto is eliminated because he obtained the lowest score. Roberto expresses his gratitude to the judges for allowing him to participate in this journey and to explore how far he could go, adding that it was the best experience of his life.

The outdoor test and the first finalist

MasterChef contestants have the opportunity to cook in the restaurant of celebrity chef Mauro Colagreco, awarded as best restaurant in the world in 2019. Only those who can show their brilliance and culinary talent will be able to go directly to the final evening, which will be broadcast on Sky Uno next Thursday. Hue, Bubu, Edoardo, Sara and Mattia will go to Mirazur in Menton, where the three stars of the restaurant will illuminate their path.

Chef Mauro Colagreco watched the aspiring chefs at work and had a good overall impression, but noted that Bubu was the one who showed the most control, confidence and organization. The chef praised Bubu saying that although he got a little lost in the beginning, he quickly recovered.

The Pressure test and the other 3 finalists

Edoardo, Mattia, Sara and Hue collide in a Pressure Test divided into two phases. Hue is the first to climb the balcony, followed by Edoardo who proposes a perfect dish. According to chef Locatelli, Edoardo deserves to go to the final.

Mattia is saved by the dreaded verdict of the judges, while Sara, who was one step away from the final, has to leave the MasterChef kitchen. Before taking leave, Sara claims to be proud of her journey and to have discovered here the desire to never give up. Cannavacciuolo asks her to promise to carry on her dream of a restaurant all of her own. The race continues in the grand finale which will be broadcast on Thursday 2 March at 21.15 on Sky Uno.

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