Fan cut strawberries? The easy technique

Fan cutting strawberries is a great way to decorate cakes and sweets in a simple way using a fruit loved by all.

Strawberries are one of most popular spring fruits and used at all. With their sweet taste everyone likes them and as well as an ingredient they can be used to make beautiful ones decorations. For example, you can cut the strawberries into a fan and then arrange them on tarts, cupcakes and cheesecakes. This carving technique, although it may not seem like it on the surface, it is among the simplest ever. Let’s see how to proceed.

cut the strawberries into fan shapes
cut the strawberries into fan shapes

How to cut strawberries into fan shapes to decorate a cake

The first thing to do is buy some strawberries mature but at the same time in the garden. In fact, if they were to be too soft, not only would the cut be difficult, but also the final result would not be clear and well defined.

Done this wash them well under running water, insisting on the petiole because it will be left. For safety you can opt for organic fruit. Once this is done, pass them for a few minutes in a bowl ofwater acidulated with the juice of half a lemon. Then dry them with kitchen paper.

Now it’s time to cut the strawberries into fan shapes. To do this, first of all get yourself a not too big smooth blade knife. Then place the strawberry on the cutting board leaving the stem in contact with it. With the knife proceed to perform gods vertical cuts but without reaching the base of the fruit. The thickness and number of these cuts depends on the size of the fruit.

Once this is done, the bulk of the work is done. All you have to do is spread the slices turning them very delicately just like you usually do to open a fan. Now the fan-shaped strawberries are ready to decorate your desserts. One for all? The classic strawberry tart of course!

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