Fichi di Cosenza Dop: an Italian gastronomic excellence rich in history

Known and appreciated since ancient timesthe Fichi di Cosenza have a characteristic look and taste thanks to which they have obtained the PDO denomination and the establishment of a consortium dedicated to them protection.

Fichi di Cosenza DOP: description

Cosenza DOP figs are a dried variety of Ficus carica sativai.e. the Dottato white from Cosenza. As the name suggests, the production area is the Calabrian province of Cosenza, in an area with an altitude between 0 and 800 meters above sea level. They have a very special look and taste. With a shape a elongated drop and the peduncle always present, when tasted they result sweet like honey. The peel is colored light greenthe pulp is soft and have the particularity of having small and thin grainsnot crunchy.

A bit of history

From some engravings on the sarcophagi we know that the picking of figs was already practiced in the times of the ancient Egyptians. The cultivation of this plant was also widespread in the Great Greecewhile as regards the Cosentino area, the first evidence dates back to Five hundred. It is documented that already in 1715 the Dottato variety, the one used for Cosenza DOP figs, was exported overseas. Another written testimony tells how in 1812 the figs of Cosenza were marketed in the di outside the Kingdom of Naples.

Cultivation of Cosenza DOP figs

Cosenza DOP figs find their ideal habitat in the hilly areas of the Crati Valley, slightly ventilated and not very humid. The fruits are left on the plant to dehydrate until their water content drops to about 40%. The figs of the Dottato variety come harvested between August and October and subsequently subjected to a further dehydration processwhich can happen in two ways. The traditional method involves exposure to the sun for 3-7 days on reeds that allow perspiration. In the process defined as “protected”, the figs are instead placed inside glass or transparent plastic greenhouses for about 5 days and no more than 50°. The fruits are turned twice a day and subsequently washed with water to clean and sterilize them. To produce 1 kg of dried figs, 3 kg of fresh fruit are needed.


Previously known as “food of the poor” due to their nutritional properties, Cosenza DOP figs are a valuable food also from a nutritional point of view. The Dottato fig is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 e C. It also has a high amount of ferro, potassium e fibre. They therefore have an antioxidant, remineralizing and strengthening effect on the immune system.

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