Filter jugs: how they work and advantages

The filter jugs are devices that are used to filter tap water, removing impurities and improving the taste of the water. These carafes are equipped with a filter inside them, which retains unwanted substances such as chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants present in drinking water.

Filter jugs offer a convenient way to improve the quality of drinking water at home without the need to install more complex filtration systems.

However, it’s important to note that filter jugs can vary in how well they remove specific contaminants, so it’s advisable to read the manufacturer’s specifications carefully to understand which substances are actually removed by the filter.

So let’s see how to choose them filter jugs!

How filter jugs work

The cfilter jugs they usually consist of a plastic or glass container with a lid and a top opening for pouring water. Inside the jug, there is a filter which can be composed of materials such as activated carbon, ion exchange resin or zeolite. These materials are capable of capturing and retaining unwanted particles present in the water.

When you pour water into the carafe, it passes through the filter which retains the impurities. L’filtered water it is then collected in the lower part of the carafe ready to be poured and consumed.

I filters Some filter jugs have a limited life and must be replaced periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Types of filter jugs

There are several types of filter jugs available on the market. They are mainly made from materials such as plastic and glass.

The plastic filter jugs are the most common and are appreciated for their light weight, ease of use and impact resistance. However, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the plastic used: some filter jugs are made with BPA-free plastic (Bisphenol A), which is considered safer for health.

An example is the filter caraffa NEWmade from BPA-free plastic that filters out lead, chlorine, limescale and bacteria.

Filter caraffa NEW

Filter caraffa NEW

The glass filter jugs instead they offer a more durable, chemical-free alternative to plastic carafes. Glass is considered inert and does not interfere with the taste of the water. However, glass carafes can be heavier and more fragile than their plastic counterparts.

The glass jug Dropsonfor example, is a real borosilicate glass bottle with a brand filter, ideal for use at the table during meals.

Dropson glass carafe

As for the technologies behind the filter jugs, there are several options. The filter jugs with activated carbon use an activated carbon filter to remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds and other contaminants that can affect the taste of the water.

AQUAPHOR 496 it is just an Amethyst filter jug ​​with an activated carbon purification method with an Aquaphor B100-25 filter cartridge.

AQUAPHOR 496 filter jug

AQUAPHOR 496 filter jug

There are also models of Technological activated carbon filter jugs, with an even more precise system that guarantees better absorption. It is the case of BOUGHT IN FRANCEa filter jug ​​with filter from Kishu that has better absorption, filters water faster and removes heavy metals and chemicals.

RINKO FRANCE filter jug

RINKO FRANCE filter jug

The filter jugs with ion exchange resin instead they use a resin that removes heavy metals such as lead, copper and mercury from drinking water. The ion exchange resin can also help reduce the hardness of the water by removing the minerals that cause limescale.

The filter jug YUTGMasst mixes activated carbon technology with ion exchange resin.

YUTGMasst filter jug

YUTGMasst filter jug

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