Finnish pink ash pate (pinkkituhka)

Step by step cooking recipe

Wash a small orange and peel off a little zest, about a third of a teaspoon.

Peel and remove the seeds and transparent film on the slices.

Collect juice.

Boil beans until soft.

For the Pink Ash pate, you need exactly white beans.

The color depends on it, on the color and the corresponding name.

Of course, you can take any beans, but the color will be different.

Put all the ingredients in a blender bowl and grind to the desired state.

Add grape seed oil, a little salt and sugar.

Mix well.

If you do not add vegetable oil, then the pate is suitable for strict days without oil.

Additional Information

The taste of the Finnish pate “Pink Ashes” (pinkkituhka) is peculiar, for an amateur, you can feel the sourness of cranberries and orange aroma.

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