Fish: anchovies and canned sardines are the most sustainable choices

Today we are used to hearing about foods of the future, but among the key resources sustainable for nutrition, we must not overlook a great classic: canned sardines and anchovies. These fish, small and very present in our seas, could prove to be a huge one resource to fight emissions. In the supply chain there is no shortage of progress about the environmental impact and fortunately the world seems to notice it.

Sustainable canned fish

Canned anchovies and sardines are foods of far from recent origin, which are making a comeback as sustainable resources. Humanity has been working for years to find sources of protein alternatives, but those of animal origin continue to play an important role. Seas and oceans then become the places to turn to to contain theenvironmental impact of the sector.

If for every edible ton of carne of beef are issued 56.2 kg of CO2 equivalent, the value drops to 0.6 kg, looking at sardine Atlantic. These are extremely abundant Well yes reproduce very quickly. Keep in oil they do not require, then, refrigeration and can be consumed without using additional energy for cooking. The waste they are limited to a minimum and the aluminum of the packaging comes out easily recyclable.

Canned sardines and anchovies sustainable resources

Several factors can contribute to making canned sardines and anchovies sustainable foods. Many manufacturing companies are, therefore, operating importantly changesto adjust the structures to the needs of the environment. THE solar panels increasingly replace plants powered by fossil fuels. There circularity then turns into a key requirement when looking at the use of thewater.

Guarantee total transparencythrough a complete traceability of the products is an integral part of the process. The certifications released by the Marine Stewardship Council help the consumer to understand if fishing is conducted in a sustainable way. Today only the 16% of world fisheries proves to be on track, but rapid and significant progress is expected.

To improve

Canned sardines and anchovies are already sustainable foods in themselves, but to improve budget is possible. Experts point out that the more complicated issue remains maintaining theequilibrium. Why the overfishing do not threaten fish stocks, which remain a renewable but not inexhaustible resource, are needed interventions. Commitment to the reduction of emissions in every sector appears, then, the only strategy to not put further under stress fish stocks. The manufacturing companies are also working on the design to attract consumers to the items often underestimated. Luckily, however, some are now moving towards canned fish chef.

Canned anchovies and sardines could become the sustainable resources of gift e future. Today 44% of the world’s fish is eaten fresco35% is frozen and only 11% are canned. The way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the food system, corresponding to the 35% of those produced globally, still appears long.

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