Foods against the cold: what are they?

When the temperatures drop you have to try to find foods against the cold: here are the best ones.

In winter, with very low temperatures and short, cold days, everyone tries to stay warm. In addition to wearing warm clothes and drinking warm drinks such as tea and herbal teas, there are foods to eat in winter to help the body tolerate the lower temperatures. The key is to maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids to strengthen the immune system and prepare for the colder months to the best of their ability. So let’s find out which are the best foods against the cold.

Foods against the cold: what are they?

The foods that immediately come to mind when it comes to fighting the cold are soups and hot soups. Seasonal vegetables such as carrots, zucchini and broccoli are rich in vitamin A, which is important for general health as well as the development of the immune system. But there are also spinach and kale, which instead they provide vitamin B, helping the body to obtain energy from food. Even the pepe it is an excellent ally against the cold: in fact, inside there is piperine, an alkaloid that “warms” the body. Garlic and onion, two vegetables with strong and decisive flavors, possess antibiotic properties that can help the body fight bacterial infections and strengthen the immune system.

Foods against the cold
Foods against the cold

As for fruit, kiwi, with its high vitamin C content and ability to stimulate collagen production, helps the skin recover from the cold. A food rich in probiotics is yogurt, which helps reduce cases of infection and makes seasonal illnesses more tolerable. Also there dried fruit and legumes are excellent for fighting the cold. Vitamin E present in various dried fruits such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds, for example, helps counteract the effects of cold on the skin.

The spices to use against the cold

Adding spices such as chilli, curry and cinnamon to our winter dishes serves two purposes: one is to enhance the flavors of our first and second courses and the desserts we bring to the table, the other is to raise the body temperature. The spices in fact they are excellent foods against the cold: among these are paprika, if you don’t like the strong taste of chilli pepper and the ever-present ginger, the Christmas spice par excellence.

Loreto Nemi, dietitian interviewed by talk about the effect of cinnamon on the body: “Several studies have proven his thermogenic effect. In certain situations even body hypothermia can be delayed thanks to cinnamon”.

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