foods that don’t go together –

Bread and coffee

A cup of coffee with a sandwich is yummy, who argues. In fact, this is not the best combination. Bread contains B vitamins, and coffee interferes with their absorption in your stomach. It doesn’t turn out very well. Therefore, if there is no way without bread, replace coffee with green tea – it is just in place here. And that’s not all there is to know about sandwiches.

Bread and cheese

Yes, imagine, bread and cheese are also not a couple. The body will first of all digest protein (cheese), and starch (bread) will decompose at this time. So-so perspective for the gastrointestinal tract. A similar story in yet another combination.

Dough and meat (pizza with sausage, pasta with meat, lasagna)

Again, the protein in meat does not interact well with the starch that contains the dough. While you are digesting the meat, the bun will wait for its turn, lying like a stone in the stomach. But will that stop pizza lovers?

Eggs-cheese-sausages (or ham, or sausage)

Another blow to familiar and favorite dishes. What’s wrong here, you ask. Too much protein, we will answer. Each ingredient is a protein and each digests differently. Not an easy task for the stomach, besides too much cholesterol at once. Conclusion: an omelette / scrambled eggs with vegetables is the best option. Let the cheese and ham wait.

Curd and jam

How not to add jam or just a spoonful of sugar to cottage cheese? But it’s better not to add. The reason, again, is what will be absorbed by the body in the first place, and what – in the second. First, the stomach will take on a sugar-containing product, that is, jam, and then the cottage cheese itself. Which, standing in line, will lie idle and create discomfort. Do you need it? Therefore, if you can’t eat cottage cheese “just like that”, add fruits or dried fruits to it. It will be tasty and harmless.

Fruits and other food

If for some reason you want to eat an apple or a banana after a hearty meal, you should know that this is wrong. Fruits are quickly digested, and just eaten breakfast / lunch / dinner will interfere with this matter. Fruit should be consumed before meals, not after.

Potato and mushrooms

And here’s a kick in the gut. Mushrooms don’t go well with potatoes! It is clear that this is too much, a real encroachment on the sacred. But if the mind, then this couple is really not a couple. Potatoes have too, too much starch. Try to accustom yourself to mushrooms with vegetables or beans.

Milk and buckwheat

The classic couple, it turns out, is also not suitable for each other. Calcium, which is in milk, prevents us from properly absorbing iron from buckwheat. Yes, in general, milk inhibits the absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

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