Fox tail salad with red fish and mushroom sauce maheev

Step by step cooking recipe

Boil potatoes and eggs until tender.

Cool, peel and grate separately.

Leave the white of one egg to decorate the tail.

Chop the onion and fry until golden brown.

Grate the carrots and fry until soft, separate from the onion.

Cut red salted fish (I have char) and pickled mushrooms into small cubes.

Now we collect the salad in layers, anointing each with mayonnaise sauce “sour cream with mushrooms” TM Maheev.

Put the first layer of grated potatoes in the shape of a fluffy fox tail on a serving plate and grease with mayonnaise.

2nd layer – lightly salted red fish (this layer can not be smeared with mayonnaise)

3rd layer – fried onions

4th layer – boiled eggs

5th layer – pickled mushrooms

6th layer – fried carrots

Decorate the tip of the tail with grated protein.

Decorate the salad with herbs and cherry tomatoes if desired.

Additional Information

Very tasty salad! 🥗
Pleasant and delicate taste! 😋
The decor grabs the attention of guests! 🦊
Mayonnaise sauce “Sour cream with mushrooms” TM Maheev is very suitable for this salad! 👌

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