French kiss salad with meat in 20 minutes

Cut the meat into small cubes or thin strips.

Cut as you like.

On a hot frying pan, greased with sunflower oil, spread the chopped meat.

Fry the meat over high heat for 7-8 minutes until golden brown.

Salt the fried meat and pepper with ground black pepper to your taste.

Fry the meat for a couple more minutes.

Hard cheese is cut into cubes and sent to a deep dish.

Put the fried meat on a paper towel, let the excess fat drain.

Finely chop the onion into cubes.

We pickle the onion.

We shift the chopped onion into a deep bowl and add one teaspoon of sugar, one tablespoon of 9% vinegar, half a teaspoon of salt.

Pour the onion with hot boiling water, mix and let it cool completely.

We also cut fresh tomatoes into cubes and send them to the chopped cheese in a dish.

Add pickled onions to the dish with cheese and tomatoes.

We transfer the cooled fried meat to a bowl with the rest of the products.

Dress the salad with mayonnaise and mix everything well.

Salad is ready to enjoy!

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