from the roast to the tartare passing through the carpaccio

Let’s find out how to cook beef or veal roundabout to always bring new dishes to the table, and different from the usual roast.

Before understanding what is the best way to cook the girello we have to take a (virtual) trip between the north and the south of our peninsula because the veal girello has names different according to the areas. Although it always indicates the same cut of meat, a portion of the thigh without nerves, lean and tender, the same cannot be said of the name.

We will have the tondeun in Aosta, the magatello in Milan, the round thigh in Turin, the thigh roll in Mantua, the rotondino in Genoa, the lay outside in Venice, the white pit in Trieste, the a lizard in Bari, Foggia, Naples, Potenza, Reggio Calabria and the Lizard in Messina and Parlemo. At this point you can understand how much it is easy to get confused. For this reason, today we reveal different ways to cook the walker.


How to cook veal or beef roundabout

As for the names, also the preparations of this cut of meat differ according to the areas. In Milan, for example, the girello becomes magatello and the best way to cook it can only be the veal with tuna sauce. There are also those who serve it cut into slices, as if it were a slice, breaded and fried.

With the walker it is also possible to prepare succulent dishes roasted, baked or pan-fried but also in a pressure cooker. In this case it is very important to choose rather large cuts of meat so that the cooking keeps the meat moist inside.

Once tied so that it maintains its shape, it is browned and then cooked. For example, you can follow our roast in milk recipe, using the walker. To check doneness, whether you are preparing the roast in the oven or in a pan, check the core temperature with a cooking thermometer: it should be 65°C.

It is also possible to serve the raw veal roundabout, both in the form of tartare, perhaps inspired by our recipe, and in the form of carpaccio. In this case make sure you choose lean and tender meat and if you think you have some difficulty with the cut, ask your butcher to carry out this operation for you. In fact, it is very important to have thin and uniform slices, easily obtainable even with a sharp knife.

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