Fruit and vegetable calendar: what to eat in December

Winter is upon us and the fruit and vegetable calendar from December it offers us all the means to deal with it. The fruit and vegetable stalls are filled, in fact, with products capable of concentrating a large quantity of nutrients. Citrus fruits, cabbage e artichokes the absolute protagonists are confirmed, but the gamma of possibilities available to us appears wider than ever.

The December fruit and vegetable calendar proves to be a varied mix of ingredients. To act as king of the table are, first of all, the citrus fruits. Oranges, mandarins, clementine, lemon, bergamots, map, cedars e grapefruits they are excellent eaten fresh and are very versatile in the kitchen. These are rich in vitamins of group B and C and, in addition to being allies of the immune system, they prove to be excellent antioxidants. Il kiwi it is no less and, together with the persimmonhelps regulate intestinal activity.

Bodies e pere are equally ready to provide us with an important contribution of fibre and are a concentrate of calcium and other minerals. The former contain, then, quercetin, a useful antioxidant, while the latter act as a panacea for the cardiovascular system. The pomegranatestill available for the first part of the month, can finally become the main ingredient for energizing juices.

The December fruit and vegetable calendar leaves us spoiled for choice if we look at products of the second type. It’s this time of year that dominates the tables artichokes and plants belonging to the family of Brassicaceae. The former have purifying, diuretic and antioxidant properties. The latter, however, among which we find cabbage, cauliflower broccoli, Brussels sprouts etc. they are excellent allies of those suffering from anemia.

I fennelalso recommended for children, promote digestion, while the carrots they remain a panacea for eyes and skin. Beets, rape e pumpkin they offer a concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts. THE cardialready protagonists in November, are confirmed, however, as allies of the intestine and the potatoes they remain the quintessential versatile ingredient. Garlic, chicory, onions, celery, shallot, leeks, spinach e radicchio round out the list as great foods detoxin this month of indispensable lunches and dinners.

In December, the calendar of seasonal fruit and vegetables is colored with nuances unique. The return of the cold brings back soups, risottos and other dishes warm in the limelight, but there is no shortage of possibilities for preparing healthy and fresh meals. The Natale it marks the beginning of the reign of traditional recipes and nature seems determined to be ready to appeal.

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