Fruit and vegetable calendar: what to eat in November

Autumn, with its mild climate and shortening days is, in theory, coming to life and the fruit and vegetable calendar from November it reminds us. Nature yes prepara in the cold of winter and offers us a wide range of products to do the same. Among the aisles of the supermarkets we find, then, a lot of the big ones come backhow interesting new entry.

The seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar for November presents itself to us as a varied mix of possibility. Among the fruit protagonists of the month we find bodies e pere which, with their high fiber and vitamin content, are a panacea for the body. The Quinceless considered, are also an important source of pectin and can be used to prepare tasty desserts.

I pomegranates, excellent in refreshing juices, help us fill up on antioxidants. The same goes for the citrus fruits, who reappear, offering us a tasty concentrate of vitamin C for the immune system. The kiwi on the other hand, it remains an excellent choice to fight constipation and keep fit, while chestnuts they can become an excellent substitute for classic carbohydrates and add flavor to sweet and savory recipes. Finally, walnuts and persimmons come to our rescue to fill up on energy.

The November fruit and vegetable calendar is varied. Among the seasonal vegetables in this month of transition pride of place is occupied by pumpkins e artichokes. The former, low in calories and rich in nutrients, can become the basic ingredient of the most varied recipes. The seconds are instead a detox perfect, with their protective power for the liver and great diuretic properties.

The carrots remain an excellent source of antioxidants, to be consumed in any season, while the latter mushrooms invite us to fill up on minerals. Cabbages e cauliflower are rich in vitamins and can become excellent natural allies against anemia, while i cardi, with their high fiber content, are allies of the gastrointestinal system. To flavor our dishes we find, then, the furtherrich in minerals and vitamins. Onions, fennel, spinach, beets, celery e chicory they remain perfect choices to purify the body in a natural and tasty way.

Looking at the fruit and vegetable calendar for November, we realize that the choice it is not missing. With the arrival of the first cold weather risottos, soups, soups he elaborate recipes are back as the absolute queens of the tables and the nature provides us with all the ingredients to make each dish extraordinary. Gluttony can therefore turn out to be, once again, also healthy.

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