Ghali launches its hot sauce for McDonald’s

Ghali launches his own sauce for McDonald’s. The trapper has announced the arrival in the restaurants of his well-known fast-food chain Jimmy Hot Saucea hot sauce such asharissa. The novelty is part of a commercial initiative in collaboration with the singer, who has long been the company’s testimonial. The sauce will only be available by ordering a particular menu dedicated to Ghali from the restaurant app and only for a limited period of time. The singer didn’t hide his excitement for the initiative.

Your salsa is Ghali with McDonald’s

In fact, many memories of his are linked to McDonald’s difficult childhood spent in Milan. On his social pages Ghali has in fact told that he has been since he was a child a fan of the chain but, due to the economic constraints in which his family lived, he could not afford to eat in his restaurants. And, to get rid of the whim of biting into a nice sandwich, he often resorted to a not exactly legal stratagem.

Life is absurd – wrote the trapper –. I remember like it was yesterday when I went to Mc Donald’s without a euro a look for receipts on the floor and as soon as I found the right one, I went to the till saying: ‘Excuse me, I’m waiting for my sandwich’. The very kind cashier, distracted by the rest of the line, immediately served me the sandwich. I know it shouldn’t be done, but there was no moneyI was still a kid and one evening this was the method for my romantic dinner with a girl.

La Jimmy Hot Sauce

Also on social media, he revealed that the idea of ​​offering a sauce to McDonald’s started from afar, by sharing a very tender personal anecdote: “When I was even younger – continues Ghali’s post – my classmates celebrated their birthday at Mc Donald’s and I, who couldn’t afford it, used to do it at Burger King. My imaginary friend Jimmy saw it all and I promised him that when he grows up I would have attracted the attention of Mc Donald’s and that I would introduce a hot sauce like harissa.

Today you can finally find Jimmy Hot Sauce in all Mc Donald’s in Italy together with my menu ahahahhahaa. This means so much to me, I love myself as a child and in life I would like to keep all the promises I made to him. Bringing culture into everything I do, redeeming my past and taking advantage of it is everything for me. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate when you dream, don’t forget your dreams when you wake up and chase them throughout the day ok!?

A harissa-like sauce

L’harissa which inspired Ghali’s hot sauce for McDonald’s is a signature specialty of the North African cuisine. Tastes familiar to the singer, given that his parents are Tunisian. It’s a sauce made with fresh red pepper and therefore very spicy. For its preparation, garlic, olive oil, coriander, cumin, caraway and tomato are used. The end result is a paste, similar to tomato paste. In some areas of North Africa, however, the recipe may also include the addition of lemon or fermented onion, as happens in the southern areas of Tunisia.

Harissa sauce is used both as seasoningboth how ingredients. It is served to accompany some courses, such as cous cous, but also pasta, rice, soups, or to flavor salads, kebabs and meats. However, it is also often used as antipastotogether with chopped black olives or slices of Arabic bread.

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