Gianluca Fusto: the excellence of the Milanese pastry shop between sweets and philosophy

Gianluca Fusto is today a prominent name in the panorama of world pastry and its local, Fusto Milan, represents a point of reference for insiders and laymen. Inside the laboratory in fact, unique preparations take shape which reflect both theexperience life of the chef as much as his studies. Sweets thus become an expression of concepts precise and the goals achieved by Fusto are by now very many.

Who is Gianluca Fusto?

Gianluca Fusto is a famous pastry chef born in Milan in 1975. After attending hotel school he continued his training with masters of excellence. To act as a reference figure for him was Aido Moronibut to complement his path also contributed, among others, Yann Duytsche, Frédéric Bau and Enrico Parassina. Teaching at the prestigious school Valrhona of Tain l’Hermitage, he then worked closely with physicists, chemists and engineers, deepening his knowledge “scientificof the pastry shop. Traveling has enriched his baggage and brought him into contact with ever new ingredients. In 2018 the chef therefore founded the Gianluca Fusto Consultinga company that offers consultancy all over the world, and in 2020 he opened, together with his wife Linda Massignan, Fusto Milan.

Fusto Milan

The opening of Fusto Milano can be seen as the realization of a great project. The restaurant, which is located in the center, in an old gymnasium, is defined as “labo-boutique”. Of the 240 m2 of surface, 148 are dedicated to production and 30 at sale in a space that appears, therefore, three-dimensional. In the laboratory thehi-tech reigns supreme, together with the minimalism and attention toenvironmentwhich translates into maximum limitation of waste.

The formula is, then, that of speakeasy. The place is, that is, hidden and to enter you have to ring the bell. This assumes that the customer has to look for it, instead of stumbling upon it by accident. In the logo the three becomes the key number, which refers to the concepts of Pastry shop, Chocolaterie e Contemporaneity that define the place. The packaging of desserts, designed to be elegant and functional, is designed by Artha Studio and completes the work.

Gianluca Fusto’s desserts

What made the pastry chef Gianluca Fusto famous were, and are, his products of excellence. For the chef, the priority is to emphasize the raw material used, obtained from a fully controlled supply chain, in a modus operandi that focuses on direct contact with providers and the enhancement of the territory. L’innovation passes, then, from total devotion to simplicity.

Individual desserts tend to exalt flavours precise and are often built on triads of ingredients. Il chocolate is at the heart of many of the creations, but there is no shortage spices and exotic flavors. The pastry shop offers a unique mix of products ranging from cakes, to biscuits, through jams, marmalades and spreadable creams. Next to the classic tiramisu thus we find the citrus tart with wasabi fresco.

Gianluca Fusto’s desserts are considered excellent all over the world. The chef has received various awards and has already published cinque books. THE prices di Fusto Milano are subordinated to the quality of the products and, if a cake costs from €35 to €50, depending on the size, for single portions the figure is around €10.

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