Gomasio and Tahin, how to prepare them at home

Gomasio and tahini are two foods used in the vegan cuisine. Both can be found ready-made on supermarket shelves but preparing them at home is easy and fun. Of Japanese origin the first and Middle Eastern the second, to unite them is the staple food: the sesame.

Gomasio and Tahin, easy recipes to make at home

Gomasio is a seasoning widely used in Japanese food instead of salt. Like tahini, making it at home is a snap. They are toasted in a non-stick pan 100 grams of sesame seeds. To understand if they are well toasted, just mix them with a dry spoon: if some seeds remain stuck to them, it means that they are not yet perfectly toasted. Once cooled, they are minced in the mixer and finally the whole sea salt (10 g). If desired, it can be enriched with hemp seeds, pieces of seaweed or sunflower seeds.

Homemade Tahini Sauce Recipe

if you like theself-production If you are looking for an easy recipe to prepare, in addition to Gomasio you can try your hand at homemade Tahini Sauce (also Tahina or Tahini). First of all, they are toasted in a pan 100 g of sesame seeds, stirring with a wooden spoon. When the seeds start to crackle, turn off the flame otherwise they will burn in an instant. Once cooled, add the salt and grind them with the mixer, pouring 30 gr of oil flush. In Middle Eastern cuisine, Tahina sauce is used as a base for preparing 2 typical dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine, hummus and babaganoush or as a condiment for falafel.

Sesame, a concentrate of properties

We have already said that the recipes of Gomasio and homemade Tahini sauce are very good, but we have not yet said that they are also very good for you. Much appreciated in the macrobiotic cuisine for their beneficial properties, thanks to the minerals they contain, sesame seeds are useful in the prevention ofosteoporosis and some cardiovascular diseases and strengthen the immune system.

White sesame or black sesame?

The recipe for Gomasio and Tahini sauce to be made at home requires the use of white sesame. However, there is also a variety of black sesame, with a decidedly more intense flavour. Even richer in antioxidants, black sesame is mainly used in the Japanese, Chinese and Greek cuisine where it is added to soups, rice or pasta dishes and salads.

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