Gossamer pancakes #Shrovetide 2023 – step by step recipe with photo

Step by step cooking recipe

In a bowl, mix the egg with sugar.

Add some milk, stir.

In a bowl, sift wheat flour, starch, rice flour, vanilla sugar, salt, mix.

Add the rest of the milk, stir.

Add vegetable oil, mix thoroughly so that there are no lumps in the dough.

The consistency of the dough should be liquid.

Pour the finished dough into a confectionery bag or into a tight plastic bag, tie the ends, cut off the spout 2-3 mm.

Preheat the pan, bake the pancakes in a dry pan over medium heat.

Squeeze the dough out of the bag first in a spiral, then drawing circles.

Fry the pancake until golden on one side, roll it into a roll right in the pan using a spatula.

After baking, the pancakes are soft, but if they are dried in the oven at 100 gr. about 30-60 minutes will become crispy.

Additional Information

Delicious pancakes. Despite the fact that the cooking process seems long and complicated, it is actually easy and fast to prepare, a fascinating and creative process. Surprise and delight your loved ones.

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