Hercules fritters with banana

Recipe photo: Banana oatmeal fritters

Step by step cooking recipe

Mix oatmeal with salt and sugar.

Heat the milk almost to a boil (on the stovetop or in the microwave) and pour into the cereal bowl.

For finely ground flakes, focus on one cup, and for flakes that need to be boiled, you need one and a half cups.

Stir and let stand with the lid on.

In the resulting mass, almost into porridge, add a couple of eggs, vanillin and mix.

Coarsely grate the banana or just crush its pulp with a fork.

Combine and mix oatmeal with banana.

Fry the pancakes in the usual way, spreading the dough with a spoon on a preheated pan, greased with vegetable oil. Set the fire to medium so that the pancakes are well baked, but not burnt.

Fry them on both sides, turning with a spatula.

Serve them hot or cold with additions to taste: sour cream, honey, condensed milk, jam…

Bon appetit!

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