here are our quick and easy recipes

Here are our recipes for organizing a perfect Father’s Day dinner, also ideal for preparing with the little ones.

Father’s Day falls every year on March 19, Saint Joseph’s day. So it’s a day that often falls during the week, taking away some of the time to do things big, but sometimes it’s better this way. For Father’s Day dinner you can effortlessly prepare a simple but tasty menuperhaps making some courses together with the little ones.

I children they’ll be delighted that they’ve made something to celebrate their favorite hero’s holiday and you’ve kept them busy for some time with something constructive.

Father’s Day dinner: the easy menu

It must be said that, with the exception of some desserts, there are no real recipes for Father’s Day. You can let yourself be guided by our suggestions or opt for the classics who you know are his favorites.


Even if you don’t have much time to devote to preparing dinner for Father’s Day, with a puff pastry roll you can literally work miracles. Choose from puff pastry recipes in our collection or play it safe with puff pastry pizzas. Given their simplicity, they can be easily prepared by the little ones.

Pizzas Of Puff Pastry
Pizzas Of Puff Pastry

Unroll the puff pastry and with a glass (or a pastry rings) make some you look for about 6 cm in diameter. Season them with a little tomato sauce, salt, oregano and mozzarella (better the one for pizza that releases water). Bake in the oven at 200°C for 15 minutes.


As a first course you can really choose what the celebrated dad loves the most. Our advice, to speed up preparation without giving up giving a cuddle, is to opt for a plate of dumplings. They are prepared quickly (but you can also make gnocchi at home if you have time) and can also be seasoned differently.

Gnocchi al gorogonzola
Gnocchi with Gorgonzola

For example, gnocchi with gorgonzola are perfect for adults and to prepare them, simply melt the cheese with a little milk and use the fondue to season. For children, however, the classic gnocchi alla sorrentina (with tomato and cheese) will be perfect.

Risotto with cheese and Cannavacciuolo pepper
Risotto with cheese and Cannavacciuolo pepper

In case you fancy something more refined, Cannavacciuolo’s cacio e pepe risotto is perfect for those who love strong flavoursis prepared by adding pecorino, parmesan and plenty of freshly ground black pepper at the end of cooking. Its strong flavor will conquer dad at the first taste!


Meatballs with gravy
Meatballs with gravy

As for i second courses, if you want to get your kids hands-on with pasta, we recommend making meatballs. Perfect to prepare even the day before and then reheat them right now, they can really be made in a thousand ways. Everyone always likes the classic recipe for meatballs with sauce, but if you want to prepare something more particular, choose one of our meatball recipes. We are sure you will find something the whole family will enjoy.

For the side dish instead go on the classic with the potatoes. Whether they are baked, pan-fried or even better fried, they are able to make the whole family agree.

Sweets for Father’s Day

Saint Joseph's Zeppole
Saint Joseph’s Zeppole

In this you really can really indulge yourself because the Italian tradition is really full of sweet father’s day recipes. They often are fried sweets such as the classic St. Joseph’s pancakes or St. Joseph’s zeppole

Father's day cake
Father’s day cake

If you seek something simple but effectiveour advice is to prepare a cake for Father’s Day.

As a base you can use the one you prefer: from the most classic sponge cake to the simplest margherita cake. The important thing is to fill it with cream to make it delicious and cover it with a glaze. Following our idea you will not encounter particular difficulties even in the creation of two splendid ones chocolate mustache!

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