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In first place among Italians’ favorite comfort food is pizza. But what are the others? Let’s try to discover them together.

The past year (but also the one we are experiencing) has drastically changed our habits. The fact of not being able to dine in restaurants or in any case to treat yourself to some culinary pampering has meant that more and more people resorted to comfort food, i.e. those foods that can bring some serenity into our lives. Here are the 10 favorite comfort foods of Italians according to a study conducted by Everli.

Italians’ favorite comfort foods: the list

It took less than a week last year to realize what Italians really are they can’t help it: Pizza! We all improvised pizza makers to the point that in a short time yeast and flour became unobtainable goods. It is therefore not surprising that in the first place of comfort food there is really her, la pizza. Here’s what the others are:

Pizza comfort food
Pizza comfort food
  1. Pizza.
  2. Chocolate.
  3. Chips and popcorn.
  4. Cookies and snacks.
  5. Ice-cream.
  6. Hamburger.
  7. Snack salads.
  8. Torte.
  9. Pasta.
  10. Fried foods.

In short, the picture that emerges from the study conducted by Everli is clear and probably when scrolling through the list we all identified.

Comfort food ed eccessi

Seeking solace in food is something ancestralHowever, if taken to excess it can turn into behavior harmful to our health. In fact, many have declared that they have eat mainly for stress rather than hunger.

Added to this is the “transfer” of work within the home which has led more and more people to consume their own meals directly in front of the computer.

So if the idea of ​​giving us a cuddle, choosing one of our favorite comfort foods makes us feel good, we always try not to overdo it. Facing situations of high stress with food, unfortunately, is not the solution. Instead, opt for some healthy comfort food.

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