here is the perfect aperitif for summer Sundays

Of Italian-American descent, the garlic cheese bread it’s a antipasto very greedy and super stringy, with a strong and overwhelming flavor.

The recipe comes directly from the American tradition, where garlic is used in most of the preparations.

It is a quick appetizer to prepare, for which only very few ingredients are needed: Italian or French bread cut in half; a head of garlic to be cut in half and cooked in the oven; some minced parsley to mix with a touch of softened butter and a pinch of chilli pepper and a shower of mozzarella for pizza reduced to thin flakes. Better to use a stretched curd cheese free of vegetation milk, so as not to moisten the bread too much and prevent it from falling apart during cooking.

Apart from the garlic which, in order to be combined with the butter and parsley mixture, requires a passage in the oven, the rest of the ingredients are combined with the loaf of raw bread, before ending up in the oven for the time needed to melt the cheese.

With a strong and surprising taste, garlic cheese bread is prepared in less than an hour to bring an appetizer (or a appetizer) that knows no seasonality, perfect for any occasion.

Cut the head of garlic in half and place it in a pan with half a cup of water in the bottom. Season with salt, pepper, oil, cover with foil and bake for about 30 minutes at 180ºC with fan.

Mix the butter with the chopped parsley, salt, oil and a teaspoon of red pepper.

Add the cooked and cooled garlic and mix well.

Spread the cream on the bread, add the mozzarella and bake until golden brown.

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