here is the Sunday comfort food

Very crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside potato croquettes presented in this recipe are an explosion of taste and goodness.

With a golden color thanks to the addition of a pinch of saffron in the dough, Parmesan cheese and flour make the most loved finger food in the world the perfect consistency for a dip in boiling oil.

The real master touch, however, is the breading of these croquettes, made of cornflakes crumbled, but not too much. The batter is the right compromise for a homogeneous and even more crunchy result.

Perfect for frying, in this recipe the potato croquettes are cooked in an air fryer or in the oven, because they are lighter and more digestible.

Queen of takeaways, potato croquettes are a delicious appetizer or side dish to be enjoyed on any occasion.

For a more intense taste, you can add spices to taste.

Wash, peel and cut the potatoes, boil them in water until they soften.

Once cooked, crush them and add flour, Parmesan, salt and saffron. Mix everything and form sausages (grease your hands with a little oil to facilitate the operation). Prepare the batter with eggs, flour and a pinch of salt, bread the croquettes in the breadcrumbs, dip them in the batter and then roll them in the crumbled cornflakes. Cook in an air fryer or oven at 200°C for about 10 min.

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