Herring for the winter in jars – a simple and tasty recipe, how to cook step by step

The kitchen is a place for culinary experiments. If you like canned fish, then you will definitely like herring for the winter in jars. This salad is suitable for all occasions and will decorate the table for any holiday.

Step by step cooking recipe

Prepare jars, they do not need to be sterilized.

Cut the fish into pieces, not very large.

Put the spices on the bottom of the jar, then put the fish, salt, add sugar, vegetable oil. Cover with a lid and place in a cold oven.

Turn on the oven at 180C and let the jars stand there until bubbles appear in the oil. Then lower the temperature to 100C. At this temperature, the fish languishes in the oven for 6 hours.

Now take out the cans and roll them up. Store in a cool place.

Julia Tsion

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Julia Tsion

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