Hickory syrup: an alternative to maple syrup

The grey-brown color of the hickory syrup recalls the origin of this food: the bark of american white walnut. This tree is a real asset and every part of it is used, from the wood to the nuts themselves. The extract obtained from its bark is considered a delicacy and is slowly replacing the better known maple syrup.

Hickory syrup

Making hickory syrup is relatively easy, but takes quite a long time. The producers of this food remove strips from the bark of the hickory (Carya ovata). This operation is performed in such a way as to do not damage the tree. Next comes the bark cleaned of any impurities (such as dirt and lichen) and is first cooked and then boiled.

Sugar is added to the filtered liquid and it is boiled further until it reduces and takes on the thickest consistency. Hickory syrup is ideal on pancakes or waffles, but it is also used to give more flavor to ice cream. There are those who also appreciate it glazed for flavor meat and fish.

Ancient origins

Americans are learning to appreciate hickory syrup, which is increasingly common on supermarket shelves. In fact, this food was already known and used by the native population of Illinois: the Algonquins. The tree from which the syrup is obtained was an integral part of the diet of this population and also of the first settlers.

According to tradition, the walnuts were collected and left to dry for about a week. Only then could the fruit be extracted with a special tool. The very term “hickory” refers to the “pawcohiccora“. The latter is a dish obtained from the ground nuts of the Carya ovata.

American white walnut

The tree from which hickory syrup is extracted is the hickory tree. This plant can go up to forty meters high and can live too two hundred years. Currently the nuts are harvested throughout the eastern United States during the autumn period.

Il Carya ovata until recently it was not grown commercially, although its fruits were highly sought after. In addition to nuts and hickory syrup, hickory is also prized for its chemical-physical properties of its wood. Indeed, she has one good thermal conductivity it’s a good smellto the point that it is also used to smoke meat.

Saving traditions

The interest in hickory syrup is good news. Indeed, this way it is possible preserve both a local tradition and the trees themselves. In fact, it is necessary to protect and protect hickory trees so that people can continue to enjoy the intense and unique taste of hickory syrup.

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