Homemade cake at the restaurant: can you bring it?

What does the law say about the possibility of bringing a homemade cake to the restaurant? Let’s clarify once and for all.

How many times have you celebrated an important anniversary at the restaurant? Birthdays, confirmations, communions but also weddings foresee the conclusion of the meal with the cake cutting. But can you bring a homemade cake to the restaurant? The answer is “it depends” e the law in this regard is very precise. Here’s what he says so that we don’t find ourselves caught off guard by the restaurateur’s reaction.

homemade cake in the restaurant
homemade cake in the restaurant

Can you bring a homemade cake to the restaurant?

The sweets offered by the restaurant are not always up to the occasion that one goes to celebrate. Hence, one naturally asks the manager of the activity if it is possible bring a cake and enjoy it at the table. The answer is different depending on whether the cake is homemade or purchased from a pastry shop.

In fact, you must take into consideration that a public place is subject to strict rules HACCP standards to protect customer safety. Consequentially, It is not possible enjoy a homemade cake at the restaurant, which if beautiful and impeccably decorated. The reason? As it is not possible to guarantee the quality of the ingredients used. In fact, in the event of food poisoning, the restaurateur would still be in the position of having to answer for the damages.

Pastry cake in the restaurant

Different speech for the pastry cakes which can be consumed at the table after providing the purchase receipt.

Can the restaurateur ask for a fee for cut and service of the cake? Actually yes, even if it is often not applied. However, what in Anglo-Saxon countries is known as right of cap which is applied to wines brought from home and enjoyed with dinner, could also be applied in Italy.

Basically, the cap law is sort of compensation for loss of income due to the sale of a bottle of wine. In fact, you may not know that the prices of bottles of wine are among the most expensive of a list and therefore, bringing it from home implies a considerable loss of income. Hence, depending on the label, the right to cork it can vary from 5 to 10 euros per person per bottle.

Therefore, it is always advisable to agree with the restaurateur beforehand so as to avoid unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives.

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