Hot Spritz, the drink that drives the new generation crazy

Few ingredients, the same as the classic recipe, but served hot and flavored with cinnamon. We are talking about the hot spritzer.

The cold season calls for hot drinks and to want to identify one that has always been considered the symbol of winter, we cannot fail to mention mulled wine. In fact, however, this drink has no appeal to the new generations and this is why the hot spritz, a drink, was born based on aperol and prosecco like the traditional one but served hot with typically winter aromas such as cinnamon.

He appears to have been born at Christmas markets in Vienna where it was served accompanied by a slice of toasted orange or a cinnamon stick. The result immediately conquered the younger public, eager to find an alternative to the summer spritz.

spritz caldo
spritz caldo

How to prepare the hot spritz recipe

  1. Heat the prosecco without letting it reach the boil or it will lose its alcoholic part.
  2. Then pour it into the glassesdividing it into equal parts, and completed by pouring, always in equal parts, the orange juice, the soda and the aperol.
  3. Mix everything with the cinnamon stick, which you will leave to infuse, and serve decorating the glass with the orange slice.

Some add ice cubes but it goes without saying that this way the spritz will no longer be hot. Furthermore, upon melting, the ice it would water down your delicious drink. Furthermore, if you prefer a hotter cocktail, you can also heat the orange juice together with the prosecco and then add it all to the aperol.

If you want to delight your friends with a perfect homemade spritz, then take a look at our recommendations: you won’t regret it.


Like all cocktails, this one too must be prepared and tasted at the moment. To speed up the preparation you can prepare all the ingredients measured out.

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