How do you adopt a lamb for Easter?

While the Easter approaches, choose to adopt a lamb instead of serving it in a dish it is an increasingly popular choice. The realities that offer the possibility to do so multiply and the mode membership are easily accessible. Both the desire to protect small animals and to do good for the environment are the driving force behind the initiatives.

How and why to adopt a lamb

Lamb is still considered by many to be a dish of the tradition of Easter, but today the alternative to bringing a small sheep to the table is to adopt one. To do this, simply contact structures specialists who propose the initiative, often simply by exploiting mail o WhatsAppand submit your application. Upon payment of a certain sumstability from the selected reality, we will then have updates periodicals about the life of the animal, and sometimes even products.

What pushes many people towards initiatives is the will to to save the lambs, enormously in demand during the Easter period. For the anniversary each year in Italy are slaughtered about 300.000 small sheep, often imported from Eastern Europe or Spain, in terrible conditions. Killed animals have max six months and they are often not yet weaned.

Where to adopt a lamb

The structures that offer the possibility of adopting a lamb for Easter, and beyond, are as diverse as the methods proposed:

1 The Cantaro Farm

The Lu Cantaro farm in the north-west of Sardinia offers the possibility of adopting at a distance a lamb with a free donation. L’ethics is considered a priority within this reality. The initiative is inspired by philosophy according to which every living being has the right to a life in harmony with the rhythms of nature and its own cycles.

2 Berto donkey educational farm

To give way to adopt a lamb is also the Berto Donkey Educational Farm, in the province of Trieste. The initiative, called WE adoptwhich opened this year on March 12, has a huge success for years. Based on the amount paid, the project provides that you can also receive one selection of products. Furthermore, those who wish to remain involved in the life of the farm for as long as he maintains the link and can, for example, participate in the shearingexit at pasture ecc.

3 Farm of Happiness

At the farmhouse Happiness Farmin Onore, in the province of Bergamo, adopting an animal is the practice. Yes you can choose, then, among lambs, hens, kids, horses and cows. For the small sheep the cipher the request varies from €55 for one month to €70 for two. Upon joining the project you receive a certificate of custom adoption. The price also includes the right to a selection of treats premises, which can be picked up on site or received at home.

For those who choose to adopt a lamb in view of Easter, the options are different. The figures do not appear prohibitive and, often, a single accession covers only part of the expenses to keep an animal. In recent years the sensitivity however, it seems to have increased and between 2016 and 2021 the demand for this meat decreased by 35%. The campaign there are many social networks offering alternative dishes and menus.

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