How does Ilary Blasi prepare cappelletti? The host in the kitchen

In the kitchen with Ilary Blasi, the cappelletti prepared together with grandmother Marcella. The recipe and the perfect closure of the presenter.

Who would have thought? Ilary Blasi isn’t bad at cooking either and proves it on social media, but only for 24 hours! In fact, the TV presenter prepared the homemade cappelletti, from A to Z, together with 91-year-old grandmother Marcella with a dexterity in closing them 10 and praise! We didn’t see her knead the dough, leaving the task to the expert puff pastry maker, but we’re sure that even in that step she wouldn’t have had any problems.

Curious to discover all the steps of Ilary Blasi and grandmother Marcella (for the holidays or for a traditional family lunch)?

Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi

The cappelletti recipe by Ilary Blasi and Nonna Marcella

After preparing a classic egg pastry (1 egg for every 100 g of flour if not more in case you want the dough even more colorful) and having kneaded well until you get a smooth dough (with the help of 91-year-old Marcella), the presenter of the Island is passed to the filling: minced meat, eggs, grated cheese, salt and pepper.

After preparing the two bases, all that remains is to move on to making the meat cappelletti. We don’t know how the pasta was made (and by whom), however the important thing is to make one very thin sheet with a rolling pin or a special machine. The next step was to cut the pasta into strips and distribute small equally spaced piles of filling, then use the pasta cutter again to make small squares with the meat filling in the centre.

Not even for the button closure la show girl ex of Francesco Totti she pulled back, despite the delicate passage that could frustrate all the efforts in the preparation (in fact, if it is not closed well, it opens during cooking, dispersing the filling). However Ilary Blasi seems to have done a great job, he has closed the square of pasta in a triangle with the filling in the center and pressing well to seal it without letting the filling out, he then joined the two opposite corners pressing well (a champion move is to wrap it inside the little finger and seal the corners well).

In conclusion, Ilary Blasi could only test his work with a tasteto then resume the operation with the remaining stuffed squares.

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