How does the water diet work to lose weight one bounty a month

The water diet activates the metabolism, guaranteeing correct hydration, eliminating waste and losing one bounty in just one month.

The water diet is based on the intake of eight glasses of water per day, needed to activate the metabolism, awakening it. This diet to be followed for 30 days, also known as the Sorrento diet, follows precise rules: drinking water is closely related to eating certain foods.

The creator of this diet is Professor Nicola Sorrentino, specialist in Food Science: it is to him that we owe the promise of being able to lose weight with water (he has also written several books on the subject).

How is it possible? If you’re curious, let’s find out more!

How does the water diet work for weight loss

Glass of water
Glass of water

The task of water is to hold in some way occupied the stomach. In fact, in this way, you never feel the feeling of emptiness and the desire to overeat. Drinking a lot guarantees the right amount of hydration to the body and promotes diuresis. Also, not being a sugary drink, it is calorie-free and therefore a friend of the diet and of all those who want to keep fit.

For the success of this diet it is necessary to drink approx two liters of water per day, for a total of about eight glasses:

• 2 glasses in the morning, preferably as soon as you wake up
• 2 before lunch
• 2 before dinner
• 2 glasses during the day (one at each snack).

The choice of water it is subjective: there are many different brands on the market; you can also choose between sparkling and natural, remembering that the former tends to bloat the stomach a little more.

Then, you can drink tea, infusions, herbal teas, barley and decaffeinated coffee, but less than water. Following a sort of pyramid of liquids, on the third step we find milk (animal or vegetable); below again, juices and non-alcoholic beer; then the espresso and again under the sports drinks, i soft drinks and the energy drink.

This clearly does not mean that you have to live on water! Foods (such as fruit and vegetables) rich in water should be combined.

The foods of the water diet (and typical menu)

For 30 days it is necessary to limit sugars, preferring low-calorie foods such as fruit and vegetables. Legumes are fine, but you can also indulge in pasta, bread and pizza (preferably integral and with simple toppings).

A typical day would look like this:

Breakfast. 2 glasses of water, tea (or coffee or herbal tea), 1 low-fat yogurt (or a glass of milk), 3 wholemeal rusks (or the equivalent of cereals).

Morning snack. 1 glass of water, fruit or dried fruit.

Lunch. 2 glasses of water, a big tuna salad and a sandwich.

Afternoon snack. 1 glass of water, low-fat yogurt or dried fruit.

Cena. 2 glasses of water, a plate of pasta and a portion of vegetables.

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