How much does an Instant Pot consume?

Before buying it, it is good to know how much an Instant Pot consumes and how it affects the electricity bill.

The Instant Pot is the best-selling electric pressure cooker, or rather the multicooker. Increasingly easy to find in the kitchens of relatives and friends, it is a valid ally for those who love to cook but have very little time. If you are considering buying it or you already have it but want to know how much it affects your bill, here is what the Instant Pot consumes for you.

instant can
instant can

How much does an Instant Pot consume?

One of the aspects to consider when buying an electric pressure cooker is the current consumption. In fact, electricity bills have never been more expensive than in recent years (as are the others, after all) and adding another household appliance to your equipment could make them rise further.

That said, it’s difficult to unambiguously determine how much the Instant Pot consumes because there are so many things to consider. First the purchased model: the bigger they are, the more energy they will consume to reach pressure. Also, models have different powers, and therefore consumptions.

Let’s take a simple but effective example. Most Instant Pots have a power of 1000W, therefore 1 kW. If you leave it on for an hour, it will consume 1 kWh or 1 kilowatt per hour. By multiplying this value by the electricity price per kWh of your operator, you will find out how much does a cycle of operation cost you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that this absorption adds up to the others already present in the house and could lead to a counter overload. We therefore advise against using it together with other high-consumption appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine and oven.

To reduce, at least in part, the current consumption of the Instant Pot you can implement a couple of strategies:

  • cook at times when the cost of electricity is lower;
  • always unplug it when finished using it;
  • choose the size of the pot based on your household;
  • always make the most of the capacity, preparing any portions for the rest of the week;
  • choose energy efficient models.

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