How to avoid burning garlic

There are those who love it and those who hate it and, in the latter case, it is very difficult to change your mind. Those who appreciate it, on the other hand, realize how thegarlic, a typical food of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine is able to give an edge to many dishes. Which, however, does not happen in the case of burnt garlic. Yeah, why this one medicinal plantwhich has always been considered indispensable as it is characterized by numerous healthy properties, is not so easy to use.

Among the properties attributed to this bulbous plant of the Amaryllidaceae family (coming from Central Asia and cultivable in temperate zones, on hills but also in sheltered mountain areas) is that of giving the skin and I wait sanoOf reduce the level of glycemia in the blood and of strengthen il system immune.

Garlic, indeed, holds influential chemical substances that remain isolate until it comes crushed o cut: the moment they come into contact with each other, theallicinathe molecule that gives this natural antibiotic its characteristic taste and aroma, provided however that it is not burnt garlic.

Ideal both in marinature what in fried, garlic (which is always good to use fresh) perfumes many succulent dishes and goes well with fish, meat and vegetables. Precisely speaking of sautéed, it is good to know that preparing this mixture (the basis for various land or sea sauces) in the best way is not so obvious: inside a head of garlic, in fact, there is a universe Of aromas e flavours that you need to know how to harmonize with the rest of the ingredients. Let’s see together, then, how to avoid burning garlic and how to best use it in the kitchen!

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