How to choose the air fryer, all the advice

It is the appliance of the moment, it is the air fryer and it seems that no one can do without it anymore. And as often happens in these cases, you don’t know how to buy the best product for your needs. Choose your air fryer however, it is a simple operation that requires in-depth knowledge of its functions. Reading the reviews of those who have already bought the fryer can certainly point you in the right direction, but the first thing to consider is your needs. So here’s one quick and clear guide for choosing the right air fryer.

What is an air fryer and how does it work?

It is a very small electric oven that “fries” thanks to its circulation of hot air. According to this operation, by adding very little oil, it is possible to fry large quantities of ingredients which will be soft on the inside and very crunchy on the outside. Among the advantages of this way of frying there is certainly also the fact that, using little fat, the recipes will be lighter and more digestible. The chipsil pollobut also the savory pies they will no longer require the oven to be turned on and above all it will not be necessary to open the windows wide to the smell of fried food.

How to choose the right air fryer, the guide

There are 5 parameters that will be useful for you to choose the right air fryer for your needs:

  • maximum temperature and minimum temperature;
  • capacity;
  • dimensions and weight,
  • functionality;
  • design;

Minimum temperature and maximum temperature

To obtain light and crunchy friesthe air fryer should never have a minimum temperature below 200 °C. Also consider the maximum temperature, it must be suitable for thedomestic and non-professional usethis is to avoid too nasty surprises in the bill. When you consider this parameter, also pay attention to the preheating times, the shorter they are, the more energy you will save. To this it should be added that the consumption of air fryers can vary from 1000 to 2000 watts and the frequency of use also plays a fundamental role. Using it often, once purchased, means amortizing shopping costs, perhaps reducing the use of the oven and gas in the kitchen (or electricity depending on the cooking plate), but it also means coping with the consumption that we currently have. they all relate closely.

The right capacity

It means the ability to contain a certain amount of ingredients. Therefore, based on the number of family members, it will be easy to identify the capacity of the air fryer to buy. The most common models range from 800 g to 2 kg, but consider that 1 kg is already enough for 4 people. If you always have a lot of people at dinner and you like tables, consider a larger capacity. If, on the other hand, you use it for one or two people at most, the advice is to take a small air fryer. This will probably penalize functionality, but you won’t have unnecessary power consumption.

Dimensions and weight of air fryers

It is important to choose the fryer according to yours size and to his weight. The dimensions are important if you decide to place it on the kitchen top. The weight is fundamental because if you don’t have space and you have to place it inside a piece of furniture to extract it only at the time of use, you won’t have to make too much effort. Not considering these two factors, we often find ourselves with small unused appliances that remain to age and gather dust inside who knows which shelf.


Functionality is the most important part to consider when choosing any home appliance. Before proceeding with the purchase, stop and think about how many times you will use it based on the features it offers. As well as “frying” with very little fatthe air fryer, depending on the model, will also be able to to grill or steamed, thus becoming a versatile and more frequently used object. Depending on what you will be using it for, you can also consider an air fryer that comes with more accessories or features such as automatic shut-off and the ECO function.


Finally, the visual aspect and decor of your kitchen should also be considered. Choose a fryer that has colors and shapes that harmonize with the design of your furnishings or, on the contrary, that totally contrast them, thus creating a pleasant refinement.

Finally, once you have considered the 5 fundamental parameters, you can also consider other factors such as the choice of accessories or ease of cleaning. Choose air fryers that can be easily disassembled and with baskets and accessories suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

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