How to clean mussels

Let’s talk about how to clean them mussels: an apparently simple operation but which could sometimes HIDE some pitfall. Many people, in fact, prefer to consume mussels raw, flavoring them only with lemon juice or adding, in some cases, even spices. In other cases, probably more frequent, mussels are used to make preparations that require cooking.

So in both cases it is essential know how clean them bene. First of all the safety in first place: it is therefore absolutely necessary that the mussels you are about to cook are fresh. To verify their freshness it is important to check that they have the shell well closedthat the shell both in color nero opaquethat do not open easily and, above all, that theodor be light and agreeable.

Below we will therefore see how to clean the mussels by removing all the encrustations from the shell but also the byssus (a sort of “barbette” that emerges between the two shells and which keeps the mussels anchored to the rocks) which must be eliminated during the cleaning phase. And remember: mussels must always be sold in packs of net sealedwith a’label indicating its name, origin, date of packaging and place of purification. Once you clean and purify yours mussels they will be ready and, above all, safe to be cooked as you like.

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