How to clean the moka

How to clean the moka properly, after using it for ours coffee morning? This is a question that many still ask themselves today and we want to guide you through the jungle of advice, diatribes and legends. For example, few know that one of the main myths to dispel is the fact that the moka don’t go May wash: okay, don’t clean it too often but remember that it is still subject to daily dirt and stress, so it needs to be sanitized every now and then.

In fact, a mocha that is rarely washed will not only no longer preserve the aroma of the coffee but, on the contrary, will hints Of burnt or even of rancid. By carefully cleaning the moka, on the other hand, we will allow the coffee to release its aroma and flavor to the maximum, which will therefore not be altered by the dirt deposited by the previous coffees.

One rule above all: May resort to soaps o detergents for dishes. This is because these are aggressive substances which could leave an unpleasant taste inside the coffee maker. Off limits also for the dishwasher, which could alter the surfaces and materials. The best method? A periodic cleaning thorough And that’s it. Follow us!

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