How to cut and peel papaya: the most practical method

No more secrets, here’s a guide on how to cut and peel papaya in a practical way in your own kitchen.

Papaya is an exotic fruit, belonging to the Caricacee family and which comes from the homonymous tree. Its shape is similar to a pear, but it has much larger dimensions: the best known ones weigh just over 500 g, but there are fruits that can weigh up to 9 kg. It shows up with one yellow-green skin, while its pulp varies in shades from yellow to orange. Originally from Mexico and some Central American countries, today it is cultivated in all tropical regions. In particular, it is important to know how to cut and peel papaya, in order to exploit all its properties. Its pulp is composed largely of water and contains nutrients such as vitamin A and C, favonoids, potassium and many fibre.

How to cut and peel papaya
How to cut and peel papaya

The rules for cutting and peeling papaya

Cutting and peeling this fresh fruit may seem difficult, especially if it is large. With these little tips, however, you will be able to proceed smoothly and obtain all its juicy pulp.

  1. First, you must carefully wash the peel of the fruit; being quite fine, dry it carefully.
  2. Place it on a cutting board and hold it with one hand, with the other use a sharp knife to cut off the top cap.
  3. Then, go on to remove the peel, lifting it with the knife, sliding it from top to bottom.
  4. The next step is cut into two halves equal the entire fruit, making a cut along the entire length.
  5. At this point, take a spoon and dug into the pulp, removing all seeds and the residues of filaments, present in the central part.
  6. You just have to cut the pulp into slices or cubes, depending on how you use it.

How to choose the right papaya

To have quality fruit, you have to be careful what you buy. If you have to consume it immediately, it is preferable to buy a ripe papaya. The more mature ones have a more yellow skin and are softer to the touch; it may also be that by pressing on the peel, a furrow is created. However, if its texture is too softit means that it is overripe ed it is better not to eat it. Conversely, if the skin is more green and hard, it is unripe: put it in the fridge for a few dayswaiting for it to ripen and turn yellow.

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