How to defrost artichokes

I artichokes, in addition to being widely used in the kitchen, they have always been a precious natural remedy for our health. But, to always have them available throughout the year, the only way we have is to freeze them and then pull them out at the right time. However, a question arises: how to defrost artichokes? In fact, frozen foods have always represented a plus in the kitchen: in the case of artichokes we don’t always have the possibility (or the time) to clean them and then use them in our recipes and frozen ones, already cleaned, represent for many a convenience not to be little.

Known and used for them therapeutic properties from Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, artichokes have many properties and benefits, especially to maintain the salute of the liver (guaranteeing its correct functioning, increasing biliary secretion and the contraction of the gallbladder) but not only: they improve, for example, the functioning of theintestine (they are considered one of the best foods for colon cancer prevention), are able to lower the cholesterol badsupport bone and brain health and promote the production of blood cells rossi.

Furthermore, artichokes help the liver detoxify the body and few know that they are invaluable allies in case of chemical and alcohol poisoning. There recommendation best to enhance all the beneficial properties is that of to consume i artichokes rawfor example with a pinzimonio or in salads. Those who prefer it cooked can enjoy it boiled, or roasted al oven o alla plate but, in this case, most of the active ingredients and minerals present will be lost.

So let’s see together what is the best way to defrost our tasty and beneficial artichokes, both raw and cooked, correctly!

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