How to defrost fresh beans

Choose to freeze i beans freshly picked is an ideal solution for storing them for a very long time (in freezer they last at least 3 months). But how do you defrost fresh beans? In fact, to make the most of all the advantages of frozen food, it is extremely important pay attention to the way we will use to defrost them.

Bringing a food back to room temperature starts the process Of wasting which had instead been slowed down thanks to freezing (which acted by decreasing the natural bacterial proliferation). Defrosting in the right way, therefore, allows you to preserve the goodness and characteristics of the food but it is also and above all a necessary precaution for ours salute.

However, a very important clarification must also be made on what must never be done with frozen food: never put back In the freezer and food that we did defrost. As mentioned earlier, in fact, interrupting the cold chain can put our health at risk because the bacterial charge of the food will increase exponentially. Not only that, because the organoleptic properties will also be affected: refreezing food in fact causes the formation of ice crystals which will destroy all the nutritional elements.

In general the universal rule is to consume the food brought back to room temperature within 48 hours if it has been defrosted in the fridge: it is an objectively long process, therefore it will be necessary to plan the day before what you will decide to eat the next day. This is because the temperature of the fridge (which fluctuates between 4 and 7° C) allows for one homogeneous defrosting which will allow to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the food. If the food has instead been defrosted in a microwave oven, it must be consumed immediately. But now let’s look at the best ways to defrost our fresh beans!

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